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B1 New Vision
179 Queen st Melbourne, vic 3000
M:+61 401 498 864

About Us

Our Pledge To Deliver Quality Eyewear

At B1 New Vision we pledge to deliver our impressive collection of eyeglasses —lenses and frames-- at an unbelievable price rate meant specifically to fit your budget.

Since 2008, B1 New Vision has been the source for quality vision care in Australia. Our qualified opticians are graduates of Cours Galien at the Academy of Montpellier, France.  They possess thorough and in-depth knowledge of their field of expertise.  They engage in edging, fitting, and ensuring visual acuity for all of our customers.

We pride ourselves in being able to serve our patients and clients using the latest state-of-the-advance technology in vision care.
B1 New vision supports the Australian optical industry by offering frames and lenses from Australian suppliers.
We specialize in optics and endeavor to provide the quality service at its best.  We strive to help customers find comfortable eyewear, satisfying all their needs.

  • Within 15 km of Melbourne, the visit costs $35, which is deductible from any purchase $135 or greater.
  • Within 25 km of Melbourne, the visit costs $50, $20 of which is deductible from any purchase $175 or greater.
  • More than 25 km from Melbourne, the visit costs $50 + ($1/km beyond 45 km). None of this is deductible from any purchase.
 Trading hours
Mon - Fri: 05:30 PM - 09:30 PM
Sat: 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Word of Mouth Rewards

The more money you spend the bigger your discount will be.

When you spend:
to $1000
to $3000
to $6000
to $10000
to $15000
to $20000
to $30000
to $40000
On top of any offer

-When you refer someone, you will accumulate his or her spending on your account.
For example, suppose person A spends $100. Person A’s account will indicate $100. If A refers B, and B spends $100, then A’s account will indicate $200 and B’s $100.

-When you refer 2 persons, you will start to collect +5% cash back on the price of the item the 2nd person purchased.
For example, suppose A refers B, C, D, E and F. B spends $100, C $200, D $200, E $300 and F $400. A’s account will show 100+100+200+200+300+400=$1300.
Consequently, A will benefit from a -10% discount and receive +5% from C’s purchase ($20).

As well as the +5% for the 2nd person, you will obtain a free item (sunglasses or optical) priced at the average value of the spending of the 2 persons (up to $300). This is available for every 5 persons referred.
For example, suppose the 5 people spend money as follows: 100+200+200+300+400=$1200. The average is $240. Therefore, A will receive a free item of up to $240.

At this point, A’s account looks like this: -10% discount, +5% from the 2nd person and a free item of up to a $240 value.

-When you refer:
to 49 persons
to 99 persons
to 299 persons
to 500 persons
Cash back from direct referral
For example, if A refers B, C, D, E, F and G, A will collect cash back from C, D, E and F for a value of +5%, 2.5%, 1.25% and 0.625%.

-You will receive cash back from your referral for the value of half of his or her percentage up to level 4.
Take the following as an example.
  • If A refers B, B refers D and D is the 2nd person referred, B will receive +5% and A will receive +2.5% from D’s purchase.
  • Now suppose D refers E, E refers F and G refers H. Imagine also that D, E, F and G reach the 2nd person. D will receive +5%, E will receive 2.5%, F will receive 1.25%, C will receive 0.625% and B will receive nothing from G’s purchase.
  • If E did not reach the 2nd person, the scenario will differ. F will receive +5%, E will receive 0%, D will receive 1.25% and C will receive 0.625% from G’s purchase.

If A reaches 50 referrals and E spends money, A will receive cash back equal to the amount B receives with fewer than 50 referrals.
That is, D will receive +5%, C will receive +2.5%, B will receive +1.25% and A will receive +1.25%.

If B reaches 50 referrals, and E spends money, B will receive as much as C with fewer than 50 referrals, and A will receive as much as B with fewer than 50 referrals.
That is, D will receive +5%, C will receive +2.5%, B will receive +2.5% and A will receive +1.25% from E’s purchase.

If C reaches 100 referrals, and E spends money, the figures will look as follows: D will receive +5%, C will receive +10%, B will receive +2.5% and A will receive +1.25%.

The services provided to you by are subject to the following terms of use. reserves the right to update the Terms of Use (TOU) at any time without prior notice of the seller.  By using our website,, users agree to comply with all the terms and condition of this website. shall have the right to change or alter, upgrade or discontinue any aspect or feature of the website including content, availability hours and all included needed for the use of this website without prior notification..B1 new vision is located in Australia.
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The terms and conditions also applies to any provision of materials, tools, and services by to the client.
Service description
Through its web property, b1newvision Provides clients with great pairs of glasses suitable for your budget. We can provide our service at your location. If you can-not drive and you don’t have some-one to drop you at the store, we will come to you! We offer frames and lenses for reading, distance, computer use and sunglasses prescriptions. We do all kinds of repair. We even offer magnifiers for low vision. We provide every-thing you need to improve your visual acuity.
Governing laws
This is subjected to the governing law in Australia. These terms constitutes the entire agreement between us regarding our services, and it supersedes and replaces any prior agreement we might have between us regarding the service.
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The company will use all its resources to ensure that services, tools and materials are delivered within the agreed time frame.
  • All lenses we provide are multicoated, this is the same thing as anti-reflective coating.
  • Our glasses start at $135 and include anti-reflective coating.
  • The accepted means of payment is through PayPal.
The client acknowledges that the right of the goods are owned by the company and are protected by the copyright laws of Australia, International treaty convention and all other applicable copyright laws.
Reviews feedback and submission
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Termination of contract
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Warranty warrants that it has the right to provide the services stated above. The company warrants that the services provided will be supplied using reasonable skill and care. The company does not warrant that the services provided are error free accurate.
After the purchase of any of our glasses, we offer 1 year warranty for any glass purchased from us.
Any complaint about our service(s) may be sent to our support team. There is no guarantee of resolution, each complaint will be looked at individually, and the client will be contacted when decision is made.