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Welcome to B1 New Vision!

B1 New Vision will come to you, if you can’t come to us.  Yes, you read correctly.  If you can’t come to our location, there is no reason to worry.  We will come to you. That should leave you no excuse for not having your reading glasses handy, when you need them.

Get your reading glasses, distance or near vision glasses, as well as ones you need for working with computers, or even sunglasses for a day out under the sun at B1 New Vision. 
Need a prescription glasses in Melbourne filled for you?  Don’t worry; we handle all type of prescription lenses.  Just contact us to get a free quote.

All you need for an improved and comfortable vision is right here with us.  Come in to see us or contact us for a quote.  Or call us, we’ll come to you.

Vision care that you will love

By bringing OnSight into your workplace, employers offer their staff convenience, time savings, improved productivity and employee satisfaction - and a really cool experience.

Value to Employers

  • Less down time - save on travel to and from clinics during work hours
  • Helps recruit and retain employees better with innovative work-life benefit
  • Ensure employees getting proper eye care
  • Half your employees need vision correction, and all of them need regular eye exams

Value to Employees

  • Convenience - never have to leave the office
  • Back to your desk in under an hour with eyes examined and glasses purchased
  • Concierge service at affordable pricing
  • Prescriptions written on-the-spot
  • Huge selection of frames to choose from: on-hand, virtual try-on, try-at-home

Value to HR/benefits

  • Demonstrate leadership and innovation
  • Provide a unique and high-value employee experience
  • Roll out at all locations nationwide
  • Track the service’s performance and review key metrics on-line

Unmatched Customer Experience

No travel. No hassle. Really. It’s this simple.


your appointment


a comprehensive autorefraction


glasses and/or contacts

insurance, credit car and paypal

glasses and/or contacts in about 2 weeks

COMPUTER USE                New service

Do you spend each day staring at a computer?
Then like up to 80% of people in the developed
world, you might suffer from eye strain.
Anti Blue Light is the solution.

Organisations we provide for:
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